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Your Guide to the Remodel Process

Bathroom, Closet, Kitchen

If you’re anything like our experienced staff at Cornerstone Builders, you like to be prepared. You want to know the ins and outs of what you’ll be getting into so there are no surprises along the way.

You may be wondering what happens during your in-home consultation and whether you need to prepare anything for that meeting. Your mind keeps whirling – what about after the meeting, what comes next? Don’t worry, we’ll spell it all out for you so you have no confusion about what working with our talented team of designers will look like.  ­­­­­

The first step is to visit one of our showrooms and schedule your in-home consultation. Once you’ve scheduled the visit, you can relax as our designers will guide you through the next steps. The first in-home consultation is typically a time where we get to know you and your space. We brainstorm ideas, envision colors and determine suitable styles with you. You should feel comfortable knowing the designer you consult with will stand beside you throughout the entire project. They will be the person to assess, design, and price your renovation.

While you do not need to have all the details of your remodel prepared, it is helpful if all people involved in the project can attend the meeting so ideas can be discussed and questions answered. A general idea of your remodel will suffice, though if you’re going to replace appliances for a kitchen project, having specs on the models you prefer could be useful as well.

Following the initial consultation, your designer will schedule a second appointment in one of our pristine showroom locations. At this meeting, you and your designer will narrow down details, put hands on products, and make material selections. Based on what you’ve both discussed, you can also see preliminary designs and review refined project costs based on your preferences. We understand tastes vary and are proud to offer a wide variety of products and price-points for every homeowner.

If your project is grandiose or requires specific products, we may request a third appointment to solidify additional details, pricing, and designs. Once you have confirmed the components of your dream remodel, we will move forward to finalize a timeline of your home’s transformation.

Once the project timeline is approved, we recommend you prepare your home in advance of our team starting the remodel. Depending on the size and scope of the project, it is best to clear the space of fragile and precious valuables as to avoid any damage. Emptying cabinets and clearing countertops are important if you are renovating the kitchen, as is moving area rugs and furniture if they are in the way. If you have a home in another state, you may opt to have renovations made while you are away (as many customers do).

Your trusted designer will discuss any special preparations with you prior to the start of the project and will keep you updated throughout the process. Before long, you will be relaxing in the custom designed home that you’ve dreamt of. Even better, you will have the security of our lifetime manufacturer guarantee as long as you own your home!

Explore the true potential of your home by scheduling a free in-home consultation with one of our designers today. We are ready to help you take the leap and bring your vision to life. If you have additional questions, call our knowledgeable team at (239) 332-3020.