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Lessons For Kitchen Remodeling


You can’t stand it another second. That old kitchen of yours is getting remodeled right now and not a moment too soon. So where to start? Here are a few lessons we have learned at Cornerstone having done hundreds of successful kitchen remodels. We know these will make your life (and our job) easier:

Do your research: Give yourself plenty of time to get inspiration from design magazines, online sites like HGTV and Houzz, visits to home improvement stores, and model homes. Take photos, cut out pictures, bookmark sites you like and show us. Our remodeling designers will be happy to work with your sense of style, taste and budget and maybe even be able to show you how to get the look of that ridiculously expensive Italian tile you love for less money.

Don’t scrimp on lighting: Be aware of how you use your kitchen and how well lit the various areas should be. You’ll need good light over your cooking surface certainly, but remember to light the prep area and island just as well and can you see clearly into that deep pantry? In-cabinet lights can solve that problem. Diffused over-or under-cabinet lights can brighten the room without glare and make counters fully visible with no shadows. Don’t forget lots of outlets, including any in appliance garage cabinetry and throughout the space in your kitchen remodel. If you plan on entertaining in your kitchen, include dimmers on the lights.

Pay attention to price points: We can give you whatever you’d like in your kitchen remodel, but there is no need to spend money you don’t have to spend. Knobs and pulls needn’t be top-end pricewise (just look it), but cabinet pulls you will open often (like pantry doors or cabinetry hiding a refrigerator) should be high quality so they last. Unless you choose a specialty sink, one stainless steel sink looks much like another. Save your money to spend on the fixture above it.

Think storage: Getting rid of clutter is probably one of the main reasons you are remodeling your kitchen in the first place. Make sure there is plenty of storage including drawers for spices and utensils, an appliance nook or garage for things like your toaster and coffeemaker and how about space for towels, potholders and cookbooks? You might even consider putting a small desk in your kitchen to keep your countertop and island clutter free.

Go for timeless design: Avoid trendy looks. Classic choices in cabinetry and colors (like creamy colored countertops and dark cabinetry or vice versa) may add dollars to your bottom line if you ever plan to sell your home. If you must express your creativity, do it with things like paint color or even a copper backsplash that can be changed easily by a buyer.

When it comes time for your kitchen remodel, bath renovation or general remodeling project, call us at Cornerstone. We can make your dream a reality.