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(Spring) Cleaning – Don’t Forget These Spaces


Spring has officially sprung, and with that comes spring cleaning. Whether you love it or loathe it, this routine home cleanse allows us to start the season off with a clean slate. While your annual regimen may include vacuuming, decluttering and dusting everything in sight, there are some out-of-sight (and out-of-mind) spaces which typically get missed. In addition to spots that are hard to reach, make sure you check these easily forgotten areas:

picture1The Oven:

Ovens are one of the most used appliances in our homes. Without regular scrubbing, they can accumulate burnt food, grease and other residue over time, which can even become a safety hazard. Beyond wiping down its exterior, take care to thoroughly degrease the inside of your oven, including the racks and walls. If you’re not a fan of using harsh chemicals, consider using a mixture of baking soda and water (like the one here). This natural solution is not only safe, but can get the job done right.


Dust, grease and crumbs – all three can accumulate either on or in your cabinets.  For the inside: make cabinet space by trashing outdated items and reorganizing what’s left. Thoroughly clean the walls, dividers and doors. Wiping down the door handles and the top of the cabinets are equally important, especially if they are left unattended for long periods of time. If you are unable to reach the top of your cabinet space, using an extendable duster should do the trick.


Closets and Corners

From rods and hangers to shoe racks and shelves, your closet could likely use a thorough dusting. While you are eliminating old fashion to make way for new trends, take a moment to wipe down the area (a 50/50 vinegar and warm water solution works well). One of the hardest places to reach are the closet corners. Often forgotten, they easily accumulate dust without being noticed. Before you deep clean, be sure to remove all items from the shelves and plan to allow the area to air out to get rid of moisture.


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